Digital Alarm Clock

Let's see how we can display numbers like a digital alarm clock does. If we imagine each number as a grid of LEDs or pixels, we just need to create a mapping that knows which LEDs are lit for which number. Once we achieved this, we can use JavaScript's Date object to use the actual current time to display on our alarm clock!



To see the aforementioned mapping, have a look at DigitalNumber.vue. The arrays contain all the LED pixels that should be lit in order to display the actual number.

Digital Alarm Clock

We also have an LedPixel component that is used by the DigitalNumber component. It expects a value for the isLit prop in order to be lit or not. To determine that, we need to check if the current pixel is inlcluded in the representative array of the number.

Now, to display a number, we just use the DigitalNumber component and pass the number as a prop value like so: <DigitalNumber :number="3" />.

To make it an actual alarm clock, we use JavaScript's Date object and process the hours, minutes and seconds and compose it together to display two numbers for the hours, two for the minutes and two for the seconds if you want to comment in the commented out code pieces. Check out AlarmClock.vue for more explanation.


Again one of the examples where I thought it would be much harder to achieve this functionality and I'm sure that there's still some space for simplification or improvement here.

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