Software & Hardware I use and love.


  • 13.6” MacBook Air (2022), M2, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, M2 GPU (10 Core), Midnight Blue

    I was using a 13" MacBook Pro prior to this for like 7 years. It really did a great job so I didn't see the point to buy a new one. But then in 2022, I already felt that it got a bit slower and I was teased by the beautiful design of the MacBook Air (Midnight Blue).

  • SAMSUNG M7, 32" 4K Smart Monitor

    I wanted a big monitor with a lot of space that I can also use as a Smart TV. First I was a bit disappointed because I thought the pixel density was a bit higher to be closer to the Retina experience, but nearly all 4K TVs have the save dots per inch spec. My next monitor will be either one from Apple itself or one with a higher pixel density.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard

    I tried a mechanical keyboard before, but I switched back to the Magic Keyboard. I just love the slick design and the haptics and I don't have to set up some keymaps like I did when using the mechanical keyboard.

  • Apple Magic Mouse

    I always enjoy working with this mouse and would definitely buy it again, but Apple really needs to solve the issue that you can't charge while using it. My idea is a mouse pad that supports wireless charging so it charges the mouse while working.

Development tools

  • Visual Studio Code

    After I tried a couple of different editors, for me, this is the one I'm most productive with.
  • Tailwind UI

    Recently I bought the All-Access license and I already used many of the components in my projects.
  • Hyper Terminal

    For the few things I do with the terminal, I feel like iTerm is too much of an overload so I'm happy pretty happy with this.
  • Insomnia

    A great tool to design, debug and test APIs.


  • Apple AirPods (3. Generation)

    The sound that comes out of these little beasts is just phenomenal. No matter what genre I listen to - I enjoy every second.

  • Spotify

    I can really get into the notorious coding tunnel by listening to the right music. Mostly it's Vaporwave.
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